The Secret to Staying Healthy

Or, why your body is not just a temple


You may have heard the phrase “your body is a temple.” Mahesh Uncle completely disagrees with this metaphor.

He thinks it doesn’t make sense because temples are stationary. Instead, he believes that the secret to staying healthy is to treat our bodies more like cars.

While the temple metaphor encourages us to value our bodies, ensuring that we don’t bring in any garbage, Mahesh Uncle’s car metaphor more aptly captures the importance of physical activity.

In fact, Mahesh Uncle insists that his metaphor encapsulates everything we need to do to keep our bodies healthy.

Why your body is like a car

Along with regular exercise (or “spins”), our bodies, like our cars, require regular check-ups from professionals. Just as we take our car for a tune-up or an oil change, we need to schedule preventative medical and dental screenings. Most of us also like to keep our cars clean, inside and out, with regular car washes.

For more serious issues like engine problems, flat tires, alignment, or cracks in the windshield, our cars require emergency care. With regular maintenance, like using the best oil, antifreeze, and petrol, we try our best to prevent serious issues and keep our cars running well for as long as possible.

Mahesh Uncle has a point. This metaphor makes sense. Our cars, like our bodies, are meant to be constantly moving.

But don’t worry my friends, your exercise routine doesn’t have to be anything like a Sunny Deol or Akshay Kumar workout! The bottom line is that it should be fun and appropriate to your level. That way you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

What happens if you don’t take your car out of the garage? I’m talking no regular spins, no upkeep, no tune-ups, nothing. What happens to the car?

It rusts!

Our bodies are made for moving too. Let’s not let them rust!


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