Our story begins with our parents.

What did they leave behind to come to America?  And what did they carry with them?

A playground for all ages



PURSUE A PASSION.            

                    WATCH THE LATEST MOVIE.

                                                           LEARN A NEW SKILL.










Activities Galore

Our rich variety of programs offers something for everyone. Browse through our unique programming and get inspired to stay active and energized.


Senior Living Communities San Francisco

community Parties and social events

We offer all kinds of events to keep you engaged. Our colorful, vibrant gathering spaces are perfect for community parties and social events. Chat with your friends over chai, throw a grandchild's birthday party, or have a fun karaoke night.  Now is the time to take center stage and play at life. 



Independent Living Communities San Francisco

health and wellness

Make your health a daily priority. Yoga, meditation, aquatic classes, Bollywood dancing, walking clubs, are among many other outdoor activities we offer to keep you fit.  A healthy body = a healthy mind.

Over 55 Retirement Communities San Francisco

food and drinks

Savor life. Many of us know, Indian cuisine is full of flavors we simply can’t live without. You will be sure to have freshly prepared meals that tickle the taste buds and keep you feeling energized. Along with fresh food prepared daily, we offer a juice bar, a salad bar, tea and coffee too.  

Retirement Homes In San Francisco

art + music 

We are all creative makers. Studies show that every individual can tap into that powerful, creative flow by making something, whether it be experimenting with watercolors or knitting baby booties.  Try a painting class. Make a piece of jewelry. Learn the art of mehendi. Free the mind with colors, paints, brushes, and paper. The stimulation is well worth the effort.  

Senior Housing In Fremont CA

technology and connectivity

In this global world we live, technology is essential. Each Priya Living facility is wired so you can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, from a small village to a busy city. You will have technology at your fingertips, as you work on online and stay connected with the larger universe.

Retirement Homes Fremont CA

volunteer opportunities and giving back

There are numerous ways to give back to your community and to the world. Work with peers to teach them a new skill. Help counsel students or families in need. Feed those who are hungry. Having a sense of purpose that extends beyond yourself to those who need your compassion, your time, your services leads to a richer, fuller life.


Modern Living


Each location has several floor plan options to choose from.

residences starting at $2695/month


Central and Convenient Locations

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city center, fremont

OPENING THIS FALL! Our largest and newest commnity features outdoor communal spaces, an indoor community kitchen, a pool and cabana


Warm Springs, Fremont

WARM SPRINGS is a perfect balance of serenity, nature and convenience centered in one of the Bay Area’s most ethnically diverse communities.


Civic Center, Santa Clara

Nestled among City Hall, winding neighborhood streets, and Silicon Valley’s main commercial artery, CIVIC CENTER offers convenience and homey comfort.


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