Co-Living Is Here to Stay

…And it never left!


Mahesh Uncle on communal living


Co-living isn’t anything new. It’s been around forever. It just has a cool and hip new name now, if you ask me!

When we first moved into Priya Living, our relatives thought it was a little funny. They joked that we were becoming like millennials. My own children didn’t understand our choice to shift to a co-living apartment after decades in a house.

I didn’t understand all the fuss then and I don’t understand it now. Communal living has always been around and, as a matter of fact, it’s the most cost-efficient way to live: for every generation. It’s no surprise that 70 million people across the United States live with roommates.

Millennials have become fans of cohabitation almost out of necessity. A financial necessity. Theirs isn’t the booming economy that we enjoyed, that’s for sure. Nowadays we all need to find smarter ways to live. And the issue of affordability affects us all. Baby boomers like me aren’t exempt!  

A True Community

Finances weren’t, however, the only factor that made our decision to move to a co-living space easy.

Our friends are here! Knowing that they’d be our neighbors was a great incentive. And now I see them more frequently, literally every day. We learn together in the various classes and excursions here at Priya, we eat together, and we party together. We’ve also made many new friends at Priya that might never have crossed our paths – like our young friend Tony, who has taught us all about carbon footprints and the environment. Our lives have been enriched by co-living in ways I never considered, and our communal meals and community garden help connect us toward a common goal that benefits the whole.

It Takes a Village

Communal living has always been around. My parents and their parents, and my wife’s parents: they all lived in multi-generational homes surrounded by their extended families. The towns they lived in were just an extension of that home. In the case of my wife’s parents, their home was in a larger city. But even so, their neighborhood was full of intergenerational homes, and everyone was surrounded by family and friends.

For me, communal living is a homecoming! I’m just going back to our ancestor’s tried and tested way of living. It’s a return to those aspects of social life that I think we’ve lost along our way.

Co-living is here to stay because it works for many different types of people in today’s world. As we become more global; as we look for ways to simplify our lives by eliminating unnecessary space and expenses; while we look for more sustainable, eco-friendly, and innovative ways to live and connect: communal living will continue to grow.


Are you curious about joining a co-living community? Contact us to arrange a tour! And join us to celebrate the launch of our brand new Fremont City Center location on Sunday, June 2nd from 1 to 4pm. Drinks and snacks will be served!