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Asha Aunty on her favorite brain training apps


We all know that keeping the mind fit is as important as keeping the body active. Our brains need to be challenged on a daily basis. This keeps our synapses firing at their best. 

Activities like reading, writing, and learning new skills can help us achieve this, and we can use technology to make the process both fun and accessible. There really seems to be an app for everything! This includes brain training. Through the games and resources available on certain apps, we can exercise our brains and put our mental skills to the test whenever and wherever we want. 

Many of these apps have been designed to target specific areas of the mind, help control harmful emotions, and improve memory. In using them on a regular basis, you can learn to improve your cognition, build life skills, and improve your overall mental health. 

Here are a few of my favorite brain training apps for you to check out!

1. Peak 

Free for Apple and Android

This app has been designed by neuroscientists to improve memory, sharpen problem-solving skills, and build mental agility through intense brain workouts by way of forty fun games. Peak has a “coach” feature that helps to track your progress and provides in-depth feedback. Upgrades are available for a fee.

2. Duolingo 

Free for Apple and Android

This isn’t officially a brain training app, but it’s a challenging and fun way to learn. Many of our neighbors here at Priya Living are adept at multiple languages, so this one is a favorite! The app enables users to learn the basics of another language through engaging mini-games. Language options include Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Czech, French, Italian, and many more. 

 3. CogniFit Brain Fitness 

$13/month (first four games are free)

This app comes at a cost, but it’s quite remarkable. It was specially developed by neuroscientists to improve cognitive ability through a range of training programs. A charting function allows you to track your progress and you can modify the degree of difficulty depending on in-app recommendations. “Challenge rounds” also allow you to play with friends.

4. Happify 

Free for Apple and Android

This app is designed to improve your happiness, helping you control stress and monitor difficult emotions. Quizzes, polls, and gratitude journals have been created based on the fundamentals of positive psychology. 

5. Braingle 

Free for Apple and Android

Braingle works to maintain mental agility and improve reasoning through riddles and optical illusions. In this way, it differs from other brain training apps, which often focus on memory games. It also allows you to compete with friends and family members.

6. Not The Hole Story 

Free for Apple and Android

One of my absolute favorites! I love riddles, and this user-friendly app is full of them. Difficult questions challenge you to broaden your thinking. If you’re unable to solve a riddle, the answer is provided at the end of the game so that you’re never left hanging.

Happy playing!


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