Book Club: Explore the library for new spring reading! Fremont Main Library


Conscious Aging: Come learn how to be inspired to listen and speak from the heart. We will work together in concluding what has meaning and communicate that thoughtfully.


Inspirational Talk: Come learn how inspiration can be ordinary. Kushi Jhurani, from Brahma Kumaris will discuss, “Who am I”.


Poetry Reading: Sit back and relax as creative words are recited to you!


Priya Kitaab Club: Join us for a stimulating discussion on a monthly book selection.


Priya Talks: Be inspired by ideas that are shared in short, powerful talks from around the world.


Speaker Series: An opportunity to listen to different topics and people share their unique work and ideas.


Vishev Samachar: Stay informed. Join us for a weekly update and discussion on world news topics!