Adventure is part of every day here: cooking classes, yoga, walking club, community activities. The opportunities to have fun are practically endless.

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Each of our properties makes the most of the vibrancy and uniqueness of its neighborhood.

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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we take advantage of technology to simplify and enrich our community. We have WiFi in our common areas and offer classes that empower residents to use the latest tech tools. Behind the scenes, we also use technology to costs-effectively deliver services, such as on-demand meals or transportation.

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Ayurvedic cooking classes, yoga, walking club, meditation sitting in the CA sunshine; health is a priority every day.

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We aim to minimize our impact on the Earth with all we do

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Vibrant colors and simple, tasteful design makes it easy to move right in and feel at home here.

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A typical thursday at priya living

8:30 AM


10:00 AM

Join Yogi Master, Deepa, to calm down your mind and body, to experience an inner sense of peace, joy and well being. We guarantee you will leave feeling energized!

10:30 AM

Virbin is a regular volunteer at Priya Living, who enjoys spending her time socializing with our community!

3:00 PM

Movie night with a twist! Come watch a thought-provoking documentary followed by a discussion with masala popcorn and mint-infused water.

5:00 PM

Take a break out of your daily routine to indulge in a little pampering time that will leave you feeling rejuvenated!

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Meera & Satya Rao

“We came to Priya Living with 4 suitcases. Everything is taken care of. It’s easy. The mind is free.” -- Meera Rao

About us
Meera and her husband Satya are two residents everyone sees a lot of at Priya. In fact, they were the first two to call Priya Living “home.” The couple moved here from Seattle, where they’d lived for nearly 40 years. They’d initially planned to settle in LA near their son, when a friend suggested they might wish to visit our community. After a 1-month trial, they knew this was where they wanted to stay.

They brought only 4 suitcases along with them. Much to their surprise, instead of missing a full 4-bedroom home’s worth of “stuff,” being without gave them a new perspective. They quickly embraced the freedom of not having to maintain a house and yard, and jumped right into finding way to spend their newfound free time.

Today you’ll see them in the courtyard, enjoying the sun and fun of their new life together.

Biggest surprise
The immediate and built-in friendship and emotional comfort

First job
Meera: Math Teacher
Satya: Engineer

Favorite neighborhood spots
Santa Clara Park and The Rose Garden

Best thing about the Bay Area
The nonstop sunshine

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